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Sprout Producer Program

The Sprout Producer Program is a one year program which includes education, farm field days, workshops and networking to support and develop producers to prosper and farm sustainably.

Applications for 2025 will open in August 2024. If you have questions about the application process, get in touch with Producer Liaison Ollie Benson – ollie@sprout.org.au.

About the SPP

The Sprout Producer Program is a one year program that aims to support and develop small-scale producers to achieve their goals, creating significant future benefits for them as individuals as well as their business and the Tasmanian community.

This program is for any small producer, growing food to sell fresh or value-add, or farming stock of any kind, and they can be at any stage in their journey.  

We have producers in the Program farming very different produce, and often at various stages in their journey. It is this mix of both farm type and stage of journey that we feel brings about incredible diversity to the conversations and support that comes from each cohort of producers completing the Program.  There is so much that can be learned from others, even if they are striving to achieve different versions of success.


  • The year starts with an induction ceremony at our end of year dinner event.
  • Participants will be given access to the Sprout Hub, our online centre for education and resources. The Hub will be the focal point for your learning throughout the year together with monthly online tutorials.
  • Participants will visit each other for on-farm field days where they get to learn about how they all farm, participate in coaching sessions and learn from experts in a relevant field.
  • Throughout the year all participants will have the opportunity to receive additional learning through farm visits, one-to-one coaching sessions or mentoring in areas they feel they need assistance with.

additional outcomes of the sprout producer program


Access to a network of knowledgeable people with diverse skills


Learn how best to care for your land, regenerate your soil and be a part of the climate solution as a farmer.


Opportunity to share your story with the broader Tasmanian community through local media and events.


Becoming a part of a community of producers who provide support and friendship

Sprout Producer Program Cost

The program is offered as a fully paid scholarship, which is made possible from generous donations from individuals in our local community, or from local organisations here in Tasmania.  The scholarship is worth over $8,000 per producer.

There is a co-contribution portion for all successful applicants of $320, which assists Sprout to fund the costs of each individual participant’s farm field day.  

Current Sprout Producers

Meet our current cohort of Sprout Producer Program Participants!

Sprout Producer alumni

Meet the growing list of those producers who have been through the program.