Forest Fungi

Forest Fungi is a family business specialising in teaching how to grow gourmet mushrooms and selling equipment and supplies including: agar, grain spawn and inoculated dowels.  Forest Fungi teach how to grow mushrooms in and out doors delivering correspondence, one and two day courses. Forest Fungi is also an experienced mushroom grower selling organic, high grade mushrooms to select restaurants. Forest Fungi is also a committed practitioner of myco-permaculture techniques.

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Pictured here are (L) 2 days growth of Burgundy caps, aka Stropharia rugosoannulata sprouting from Will's wooden paths, and (R) Analiese Gregory from Franklin Restaurant in Hobart, holding a White Elf or Abalone mushroom which is critically endangered in the wild, it only fruits in freezing temperatures so Tasmania is perfect for it.

William Borowski has been growing mushrooms for over 10 years, and at his Woodbridge property for 4 years now.  Will hopes, that with the help of the Sprout Producer Program he can grow his business, and continue to produce high quality, seasonally produced, nutritious and delicious gourmet mushrooms for the local Tasmanian market; using locally sourced inputs and to teach others to do the same.


To find out more about Will and Forest Fungi, head to their website, Instagram and Facebook pages.


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