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Sprout Small Producer Award Winners

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Meet the past winners of this community driven award, hear what they have to say about their award win and learn about their farms and produce.

  • 2022 Winners: KIM & DAN CROKER of FORK IT FARM

    Meet 2022 Small Producer of the Year award winners Kim & Dan from Fork It Farm

  • 2021 Winners: Coreen Ung & Matt Tack of Our Mates’ farm

    Meet 2021 Small Producer of the Year award winners Coreen Ung & Matt Tack of Our Mates’ Farm

  • 2020 Winners: Lauren Byrne & Michael Layfield of Felds Farm

    Two vibrant young chefs turned farmers – becoming primary producers of vegetables, fruit, eggs and bread was a natural progression for their passion to offer delicious, local food to the community. Supplying neighbours, local farmers markets and restaurants with a diverse range of healthy and sustainably grown produce.

  • 2019 Winners: Kate & Iain Field of Leap Farm and Tongola Cheese

    Kate and Iain were nominated as the 2019 Small producer of the year, by our Tassie food community. Lisa and Iain received such amazing feedback from those in the community who nominated them for their hard work, dedication and approach to their amazing produce.

  • 2018 winners: Lisa & Adam of Cornerstone Farm

    Lisa & Adam were nominated as the 2018 Small producer of the year, by our Tassie food community. They are located in the pristine West Tamar region of Northern Tasmania and are completely family owned and operated.

  • 2017 winners: Phil and Selina of Long Name Farm

    Phil and Selina farm rare and heritage breed pigs on Tasmania’s scenic East Coast. Wessex Saddleback, Tamworth and Berkshire pigs freely roam 40 coastal acres in the picturesque hamlet of Little Swanport.

  • 2016 winner: Alex of Golden Valley Farm

    We are so thrilled to announce that for 2016 – the Small Producer Award recipient was Alex Taylor, from Golden Valley Farm in Cygnet TAS.