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Cross Pollinate Agenda

Mon 30th May | 9:30am – 12:30pm

A Shift in Perspective – storytelling

Mon 6th June | 10am – 12pm

A Shift in Perspective – from producer to the pass

Thur 7th July | 5 – 7pm

Jodi Roebuck – How to run a profitable small scale farm

Friday 29th July | 9:30am – 12:30pm

Holistic decision making – clarifying your core values

Tue 2nd August | 9:30am -12:30pm

Holistic decision making – Making better decisions

The collection of events for this year shine a light on stories from people who have experienced a shift in their own perspective of agriculture and life, will look at how best to build relationships between producers and hospitality, we will hear from a NZ farmer about running a profitable small scale farm, and finally an awesome workshop on holistic decision making.

Here are the details of events coming up as part of our 2022 series.

Jodi Roebuck – How to run a profitable small scale farm

Thur 7th July | 5 – 7pm

@ Willie Smiths Apple Shed

On July 7th Jodi Roebuck from @roebuckfarm in New Zealand will be joining us @williesmithsappleshed in the Huon Valley to share all he has learnt about how to run a profitable small scale market garden.

Come along and hear first hand about the way he runs Roebuck Farm to ensure it is sustainable and profitable. Jodi will go through the various ways in which he, his partner Tanya and their team farm and run their business, to get the most out of their small 1100m2 property, all while improving soil health, generating amazing produce and ensuring their business can continue to be profitable.

Ticket prices include some light food thanks to the Willie Smiths team and drinks can be purchased from the bar at the event.

Holistic Decision Making – Clarifying your core values

29th July | 9:30am – 12:30pm

Online Workshop – Session 1

This session dives deep to uncover and clarify what matters most to you in your life and business.  We’ll move beyond your problems and even your goals to articulate where you really want to be heading and the quality of life you’d like to enjoy as you head there, all with a sizzling clarity so deeply true you may notice your spine tingling. Through a series of interactive activities that cut directly to the chase, you’ll leave this session with a solid start on a context you can then use as a north star to elevate your daily decision making to a whole new level.

Holistic Decision Making – Making Better decisions

2nd August | 9:30am – 12:30pm

Online Workshop – Session 2

This session focuses on an approach to making daily decisions that are whole-oriented and whole-honouring. We’ll experience in detail what it means to move from deciding reactively to fix parts or solve problems to deciding proactively directly toward what matters most to you. Before this session ends you’ll have a chance to practice testing real decisions toward your unique context using a set of testing questions adapted from Allan Savory’s pioneering work with Holistic Management. We’ll also learn how to monitor the outcomes of your decisions for early course-correction and how to use Holistic Decision Making to have kick-ass team meetings that focus on what most needs attention now.