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{Alumni: a former student of an educational institution, or a former employee, associate, or member of a group.}

These are the participants of the Sprout Producer Program in years gone by. Many are still farming, some have moved to pastures new, all are part of the Sprout Family.


    Longley Organic Farm is a variable cropping microfarm, community resource and skill sharing hub that aims to develop regenerative micro-farming both locally and internationally.

  • lauriston grove

    Lauriston Grove is one of the earliest olive groves planted in Tasmania. The property is located on the pristine coastal isthmus known as Hope Beach in South Arm, south of Hobart. The combination of consistent pure coastal breezes, sea mist, cool dry climate, well drained sandy loamy soils and natural underground waters are the essential factors resulting in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.


    Campo de Flori is a 52 acre sustainable boutique farm business in the Huon Valley of Tasmania. At the time of purchase the property was a combination of raw bushland with an overgrowth of blackberry and brambles alongside 42 acres of old growth forest.


    Guide Falls Farm is a mixed enterprise, regenerative farm offering authentic experiences through education and its on-farm restaurant. Situated in the north-west of Tasmania the farm produces grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised meat chicken and pork, pastured eggs and they also have their own market garden.

  • Forrest Flavours

    Kirk Forrest owns Forrest Flavours, and describes himself as a sustainable gourmet food producer. He grows food that is healthy for humans, healthy for the planet, and that is packed full of mouth watering joy.  He wants the plants and the soil to be as productive in the future for our children and grandchildren, if not better, than when he started. 

  • Aurora Farm

    Aurora Farm was established in 2014 in the town of Geeveston and aims to provide top quality dorpers to hobby farmers and commercial operators alike.

  • Bruny Island Market Garden

    Jo Smith is the brains, heart, soul and dirty hands behind Bruny Island Market garden. She is also a holistic health, wellness and natural living coach, yoga instructor, and combines market garden with her other business, Naturally Well With Jo.

  • Glendale Olives

    Glendale Olives is managed by Christine Mann, a fourth-generation farmer, now farming next door to the original family farm. Her interest in trees began as a child, climbing a huge pear tree in the farm orchard, progressing to a surveyor in a company growing trees and now producing olive oil from over 9,000 trees.

  • Three Peaks OrganicS

    When we asked Trish back in 2016 what her dream was, she said her one wish was simple. That one day, instead of everyone else’s children or grandchildren, just maybe one day it will be hers who are now standing in front of an audience with a tale to tell about their slightly crazy mother who had a dream. She packed up her 3 kids and her life and went to live in another state to start up a very small, very run down family farm. What a beautiful dream!

  • Killiecrankie Farm

    Killicrankie Farm is owned and operated by Lee Adamson-Ringk. As well as her love for all things Christmas tree, she is passionate about encouraging people to consider edible plants for their gardens, beyond just their vegetable patch, and in reconnecting people with produce grown in their own backyards

  • Headlam Farm

    Based in Pipers Brook, Headlam Farm predominantly produces asparagus. They also farm Merino sheep primarily for wool, Corriedale sheep for lamb and wool, and have a small self-replacing Angus Simmental cow herd.

  • Drifting Farm

    Tanya and Clinton are the farmers behind Drifting Farm. They farm because they love it, and their dream is to work on the farm full time without the need for alternative income streams whilst sipping a “Drifting Farm Pinot Noir” on their deck at the end of the day, looking over the vineyard and eating fresh produce from the farm that they have been successfully growing and selling to the local community, restaurants and tourists. They also want to contribute to food and wine quality for Tasmanians.