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  • Beaupre Farm

    Chris has worked as a Health Information System Expert and Monitoring and Evaluation specialist in post-disaster and conflict impacted countries for over 16-years. With limited farming experience, Chris feels she cannot call herself a farmer, however her disease management approach informed the farm’s weed eradication strategy and consequent deep respect, admiration and love for her small herd of weed munching full blood Boer goats.

  • Old Beach Berries Farm

    Old Beach Berries is owned and farmed by David and Cathryn. In their other lives David is an Occupational Therapist and Cathryn is a Speech Pathologist. They bought the farm in November 2019 and they say it’s been a whirlwind tour and they are still on a steep learning curve. They also say that their mistakes are intermixed with occasional successes which are becoming more frequent!

  • Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs

    Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs was started in 2017 by Katt, Duncan and Meredith, three Queenslanders embarking on a tree change and respite from the heat.

  • South Arm Farm

    Libby describes herself as a jack of all trades, but a master of none! She has worked in a variety of areas including as a graphic designer, florist, vet nurse, travel consultant, Product Manager and Product Director; has been involved in start-ups and has Bachelor of Design and Masters of International Business. She moved to Tassie 8 years ago and found her piece of paradise in South Arm about 6 years ago and has been growing on a small-scale ever since, selling her excess produce at local markets and community stalls.

  • Karoolalla Farm

    Karoolalla Farm is owned by two passionate farmers, Cate and Rupert. Rupert’s background is in logistics but started life at an agriculture school. He is comfortable anywhere, from the delivery depot to the cow paddock and can turn his hand to any farm challenge or project.  Cate began her professional life as a zoologist transitioning into medical science, veterinary management and horticulture and finally pulling it all together to become a chicken farmer and vegetable grower.   

  • Rosella Roost

    Rosella Roost became reality after Anthony and Paula took a leap of faith to pursue work that spoke to their hearts. They decided to try their hand at farming high quality nutrient rich food, even though neither had any land farming background! This combined all their passions: great food, animals and nature. They bought a small, neglected acreage where they could raise a family, create a living that sustained them while also leaving the world better than they found it. 

  • The Dirt in Autumn 2021

    After an opportunity to relax and reflect on the year of 2020, I am so excited to move forward and welcome what 2021 has to offer. I have personally witnessed a shift in people’s perception of food; local food, food security and seasonality. I have noticed conversations being had about whether to find local farmers, how to access locally grown, not buying food that is imported in the offseason, as well as growing their own food and composting. I love it!

  • Huski Greens

    Meet the duo that make Huski Greens: Mac – a marketing professional and Oli – an entertainment lighting designer, had no previous farming experience. However the pull to living a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle was strong. After dreaming of a farm for years and becoming truly fed up with the grind of Sydney city life, they packed up their life and moved down to Tasmania in July 2018.

  • Lone Goose Farm

    It was shared a love of food, cooking and animals that brought Bec & Paul together 10 years ago. Living in suburban Melbourne, it was always their dream to buy a patch of land somewhere and give this farming thing a go. Once Paul got his visa (he’s from the UK) it was all systems go to find their little piece of land.

  • 2019 Winners: Kate & Iain Field of Leap Farm and Tongola Cheese

    Kate and Iain were nominated as the 2019 Small producer of the year, by our Tassie food community. Lisa and Iain received such amazing feedback from those in the community who nominated them for their hard work, dedication and approach to their amazing produce.

  • Broadchurch Farm

    Broadchurch Farm was started in 2017 as a small scale regenerative farm in Broadmarsh. The farm consisted of 90 acres of mixed bush and pasture situated on the side of Mount Dromedary, and on this land a market garden was first established, before becoming the home to a pastured small scale commercial meat chicken enterprise. Their chicken would later be selected as a State Winner for the Delicious Good Food Awards. On top of all this, at various points between 2017 and 2020, Broadchurch also farmed beef cattle, pastured pork, grass-fed lamb and chickens for eggs!


    Wilmores Bluff is a livestock farm situated on the banks of the Tamar River.