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{Alumni: a former student of an educational institution, or a former employee, associate, or member of a group.}

These are the participants of the Sprout Producer Program in years gone by. Many are still farming, some have moved to pastures new, all are part of the Sprout Family.


    Old Forest Vale Farm is a 20-acre holding in Northern Tasmania at the footsteps of the Western Tiers, that thrived on producing the best tasting produce in the most sustainable way.

  • eska farm

    Eska Farm is 35 acres of beautiful land resting below Sleeping Beauty Mountain Range south of Hobart. Part pasture, part natural bush land, part river; basking in all day sunlight and with views in every direction. Their hearts belong here now, and their days are filled amending, building, planting, moving, growing, nurturing and restoring each element of what brings a property into life as a farm.

  • Broadchurch Farm

    Broadchurch Farm was started in 2017 as a small scale regenerative farm in Broadmarsh. The farm consisted of 90 acres of mixed bush and pasture situated on the side of Mount Dromedary, and on this land a market garden was first established, before becoming the home to a pastured small scale commercial meat chicken enterprise. Their chicken would later be selected as a State Winner for the Delicious Good Food Awards. On top of all this, at various points between 2017 and 2020, Broadchurch also farmed beef cattle, pastured pork, grass-fed lamb and chickens for eggs!


    Wilmores Bluff is a livestock farm situated on the banks of the Tamar River.

  • Fork it Farm

    Fork It Farm raises heritage Berkshire pigs on open pastures producing forkin’ tasty pork. Not only do they grow the produce, they also transform it into amazing meat and charcuterie products, all butchered and cured on-farm using traditional techniques, without the use of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Their forkin’ tasty meat & charcuterie is available at local Farmers Markets and their boutique Farm Shop. On top of this, the farm is also home to sheep, cattle, ducks, geese and quails. 

  • Forest Fungi

    William Borowski has been growing mushrooms since 2007, and at his Woodbridge property since 2013. Will continues to produce high quality, seasonally produced, nutritious and delicious gourmet mushrooms for the local Tasmanian market; using locally sourced inputs and to teach others to do the same.

  • Felds Farm

    Felds Farm was originally established in Bagdad, a notoriously dry area to farm. They made the tricky decision to relocate and in 2018, during their time on the Sprout Producer Program, they formed a strong relationship with Liz and Rick from Summerleas Farm. When they told Liz and Rick they were looking to relocate they very generously offered to lease a 4 acre parcel of their beautiful farm in North Lilydale, just north of Launceston.

  • Arundel

    Fiona Hume’s family has been farming at Arundel since 1894. Currently they run merino/cormo sheep for wool, English Leicester/merino sheep for fat lamb production and a small flock of English Leicester for meat, wool and sheepskins. Fiona has begun selling meat to local restaurants, including the Agrarian Kitchen Eatery and their product was also used as part of the 2017 Dark Mofo winter feast.

  • Freshfield Grove

    Freshfield Grove, based in Campania, grows two Spanish olive varieties, Picual and Manzanillo, both very well suited to the cool climate of Southern Tasmania. Fabulous flavours come from small batches, and by nurturing their olives from start to finish they can ensure great quality products that have won awards in state and national competitions.

  • Summerlea Farm

    Summerlea Farm is all about happy, healthy cows.  On 170 acres of mixed pasture, plantation and native bush based in North Lilydale, in the North-East of Tasmania they farm Angus cattle that are born and raised entirely on the farm for premium single origin beef sales direct to customers. The herd is deliberately kept on the small size, so there’s plenty of room to move.


    Highmarsh Farm is 140ha of marginal country in Jackeys Marsh, about 85ha of which is potentially viable farmland for pasture or cropping. The remainder is made up of rough or swampy ground and native forest under covenant.


    Deep End Farm is a small property in Geeveston, south of Hobart in Southern Tasmania. Dave and Cassandra Rolph grow and raise their own produce, using the ingredients to make and sell Boa Zi, steam buns, as markets across Hobart and the Huon Valley.